DIY Packaging Ideas for your Valentine Treats

DIY Packaging for your Valentine Treats

This post is sponsored by Rich’s.  Give the gift of deliciousness. You know that Bible verse, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”  Well, I like to take that and apply it with almost everything I give or make. Because trust me, I would like nothing more than to receive something… 

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Pipe Cleaner Cake Toppers + a Pinterest Party

Pipe Cleaner Cake Toppers!  Easy and perfect to add for any holiday

This is a post where I get to have the best of both worlds involved. +++ Plus share some exciting news at the bottom of this post! Crafting, eating cake & throwing a party! What could be better?  Honestly, nothing.  It’s a perfect combination if you ask me. The fun part about all of this,… 

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You’re over the Rainbow Loom Bracelet Valentine

You're over the rainbow LOOM bracelet

I have a question.  Who else is finding all these rubber bands all over the house since Christmas??? Yes, we bought the carrying case, yes I tell them to pick them up, but these little boogers are everywhere! Am I the only one??? Who would have thought that these colorful rubber bands would make for… 

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pure goodness & then some

I really feel in my heart that I would be doing you all a dis-service if I didn’t share this before Valentines. You see, I made this lovely combination of salty & sweet Valentine confetti last year.  It has got to be one of the best things I’ve ever made & ever put in my… 

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