Dipped Votives – Dollar Store Craft Idea

This weekend I kicked it in high gear & finally started doing some major & minor projects outside.  Literally with blood, sweat & a few tears I was able to get a few things done.  More to come on some of the major stuff – soon!

But for today’s post I wanted to share one of the minor projects ~ these very easy dipped votive holders.

There’s really no reason for instructions. Because the pictures can tell the story.
But just to break it down…
I used some votive candle holders I had from the Dollar Store & some craft paint.
Plastic bowls for dipping, newspaper & parchment paper for drying.
The only instruction I’ll give, is once you start turning your votive around in the paint, don’t pick it up until you are done.  
*Keep the votive against the side of the bowl that has the paint & continually move in circular motion until it is covered.*

Some may think the dipping process is unnecessary for the votive. 
But remember I’m a sip & “dip” kinda gal.
I’m also a trend & color lover.  😉 

It’s all about outdoor living this time of year & making the most of these longer days.  Our porch is the parking lot for bikes, balls, dolls & empty Capri pouches during the day.  But after the day is done & the kids are tucked in, this is where I’ll be with my big Southern humid hair.  Rocking away on my glider while I sip & dip the Summer nights away.
P.S. If you want the deets on how I made my flower pot click here.
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    Can’t even tell you how much I love these! I’ll definitely be making a few! My outdoor area has exactly the same color scheme as well, except where you have pink, I have jalepeno jelly green going on. :)

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    What a great craft, and the products are SO pretty and cute!!!! This would be fun for a color themed party/dinner too, since they are so easy to make! Love it!!! Thanks for sharing this!

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    Well, I haven’t been reading many blogs lately, but I thought I’d stop by your spot and see what you were up to.
    SO glad I did!
    Those votives are to die for.
    So stinking cute.
    And that first picture?
    Get out of town!! It looks straight out of a magazine spread.
    Love that turquoise and yellow combo.
    Glad you got some stuff done.
    That’s why I haven’t been blogging much–I’m trying to get things done.
    Happy summer!
    Love from,

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